Mail readers capture stunning snow scenes

WINTRY WEATHER: Crimdon Dene Viaduct
WINTRY WEATHER: Crimdon Dene Viaduct

MAIL readers captured these stunning images as Hartlepool and East Durham lay under snow.

David George Coulson took photos looking out over the town, while Sadie White snapped Wynyard Hall and Crimdon Dene Viaduct in the wintry weather.

Readers are encouraged to join David and Sadie by sending in their own photos of Hartlepool.

But, snow shots may not be possible as the weather shows signs of clearing up at the weekend.

Temperatures will reach a high of 8C today with no snow forecast, although it will be cloudy.

Conditions will remain similar tomorrow, although there may be some brief clear spells in the afternoon.

It may be gloomier heading into next week as there is a possibility of a few spots of rain and fog patches.

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