PICTURE SPECIAL: Photographer’s amazing views of night sky

PASSIONATE photographer Lee Summerson travelled 70 miles to get these spectacular shots of the Milky Way.

The keen Hartlepool photographer spent a night in the beautiful countryside of Northumberland and took long-exposure photos of the scenery.

AMAZING VIEWS: an example of the work of Lee Summerson, below.

AMAZING VIEWS: an example of the work of Lee Summerson, below.

It made for a stunning set of images and Lee also did the same when he captured the Hartlepool coast around the north sands.

Today, as he shared his images with the Hartlepool Mail, he explained how he came about the fantastic shots.

“I left my house on Easington Road at 8pm and headed north with my brother and a couple of photographer friends. Our goal for the night was to capture the Milky Way above Dunstanburgh Castle.

“We travelled the 70 miles and we were astonished when we arrived into the dark area of Northumberland.

Lee Summerson

Lee Summerson

“There were so many stars and constellations as well as the Milky Way and they were all visible to the naked eye.

“We stopped the car about four miles before our destination, switched the lights out and got out.

“Seeing what we could see over the UK was just amazing. We quickly jumped back in the car and sped off to park up, and then walk the mile or so along the golf course at Embleton to Dunstanburgh Castle.”

Lee’s resultant work was down to using a long exposure of around 76 seconds to capture the view.

As well as Northumberland, Lee’s work includes scenes from the Hartlepool and Crimdon coastline.

Lee has also featured in the Hartlepool Mail’s In the Picture section, when he shared industrial scenes of the town, wildlife images, portraits and seaside views.

And for those interested in viewing more of his work, he is releasing a calendar and he is using some of the proceeds to help people in crisis.

The final calendar is expected to retail for £5 to £6, and Lee said: “All proceeds after costs will be donated to the Hartlepool Foodbank.”