Flix Movie Cafe, Church Sq, Hartlepool

THE Flix Movie Cafe is a novel idea that offers big screen film entertainment with food thrown in.

But what is the quality of the food actually like?

Hartlepool's first-ever movie cafe opened its doors in Church Square last year offering film buffs cuisine while they watch a film.

The movie cafe idea is big in the USA and is like watching a film and enjoying food in your front room but without having to do any of the cooking or cleaning!

Flix has two very different sections.

Customers can enjoy a daytime meal while watching big screen entertainment such as Friends or Only Fools and Horses.

Then there's the cinema restaurant, which has full waiter service.

The menu is finger buffet food serving pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and other tasty dishes brought to your table while you watch big screen movies.

Myself, my partner and our eight-year-old daughter visited one Tuesday tea-time and were delighted to have one of the curtained-off rooms with a 120 inch screen all to ourselves.

My partner and I chose the pix 'n' mix menu which lets you share a number of dishes tapas style.

We chose garlic bread (2.45), potato skins (3.25), breaded mushrooms (3.25), nachos (4.45), fries (1.95), best of which was the skins with their array of spices, dips and sauces.

The bairn enjoyed the Flixters hotdog (5.95) with fries and our meals were washed down by soft drinks (Diet Pepsi 2.30 and lemonade top ups with the children's meal)

And because she had been a good girl, Martha chose a Magnum white ice-cream (1.95) for dessert.

The food was really nice and the staff were friendly and attentive without being too obtrusive which lets you relax and enjoy the movie.

Flix has theme nights with films starting at 8pm each evening.

Tuesdays features a movie quiz, with a film afterwards. Wednesdays show classic 80s films, Thursdays cult favourites and Fridays is chick flick night.

Saturdays are comedy nights and customers can have their area of the restaurant curtained off to enjoy their film and food in comfort with surround sound experience.

Flix is a great idea and is equally as good for a tea-time treat for the family or a night out with a group of friends.

The people behind the venture have obviously done a lot of work and deserve it to be a success.

So, get yourselves down!

- Ian Monaghan

Flix Movie Cafe,

25-27 Church Square, Hartlepool, TS24 7EU.

Phone: (01429) 863300. website: www.flixmoviecafe.com.

Open seven days a week.

Star rating: quality 4/5;

service 4/5;

value for money 4./5