A Fab tribute from top Hartlepool Beatles fan

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HE loves them, yeah yeah yeah!

Retired steelworker Brian Edmenson can probably call himself the biggest Beatles fan in Hartlepool - and possibly the North East.

The 64-year-old from Rift House has a shrine to the Fab Four in his home and admits: “I have always had an obsession with them.”

He’s even had an upstairs room decorated with specialist “old stone” wallpaper to make it look like the Cavern Club - the place that John, Paul, George and Ringo made famous with their performances.

He reckons he has well over 200 pieces of memorabilia including copies of their music bought decades ago and now worth more than £30 each.

He has been on regular visits to Liverpool and to The Dakota building in New York City which John Lennon was shot outside on December 8, 1980.

Brian, who worked as a storeman at the steelworks and is married to Linda, 59, said: “I have been to all their places and taken photographs.

“I have got photocopies of Lennon’s school report. I have been in fans groups all my life.

“I have got photos of me on the Abbey Road steps, and me outside Strawberry Fields.

“I have got pictures of me at Paul McCartney’s house and I have got handwritten words to some of the songs.”

Brian has had a long association with the music scene. He and his wife were a well-known duo on the circuit for more than 20 years.

He said: “I have got all sorts to do with the Beatles. I have got vast collections of videos and shelves full of videos, DVDs and paper cuttings.

“There must be more than 200 pieces and I have got one room where the four walls are decorated in old stone to make it look like the Cavern Club.”

He said his collection had been building up for years and added: “I have had to stop because it was spilling out the room and onto the landing.”

But why does he love the Beatles so much.

Brian explained: “I was 13 or 14 when they first came out and they changed the world. Every time the news was on the television, they were the first report on it.”

Brian loves them so much, he even ensured that the first song his firstborn grandchild heard was Imagine.

He has kept the newspapers from the days when both John Lennon and George Harrison died.

And when his daughter Zoe married, one of the pieces of music played at her wedding was Imagine.

But there’s one big miss in Brian’s life. He never got to see the Beatles live.

He said: “I saw McCartney in 1985 but I never saw the Beatles and I am envious of anyone who did.”

Many years ago, he had high hopes of a close encounter with the lads from Liverpool.

On the same day that President Kennedy was shot, the Beatles played at the Globe in Stockton and Brian remembered: “There were rumours that they were staying in Seaton Carew.

“I went there on my bike and there were about 50 of us and we wouldn’t take anyone’s word that they weren’t there.”

Brian, who still plays in a ukelele band, isnt the only musical member of the family.

As well as his wife being a former singer herself, Brian’s son Dean, 35, is a DJ in Australia.