ALBUM REVIEW: Parastatic - Recall Fade Return

PARASTATIC ... Recall Fade Return (104 Records).
PARASTATIC ... Recall Fade Return (104 Records).

ONE of the region’s most exciting live acts, this second full-length finds Tyneside trio Parastatic attempting to translate the thrill of their stage show into studio recordings.

Driven by new member Rachel Casey’s propulsive drumming, Recall Fade Return’s psychedelic kraut jams are engrossing from the off, with layered effects and hypnotic repetition only enhancing its spacey allure.

It’s the type of cohesive, widescreen record that’s oh so easy to be swept along with, and it’s not short on diversity either.

Arches, for instance, practically bursts from your speakers with its rhythmic splurges of synth, while the towering riffs of Saint Mary and blissful balladry of Sorby Sunrise could almost pass as stadium rock, minus their dense coatings of reverb.

Having said that, they’re still a group who’re at their best in the live environment. Catch them at The Cumberland Arms on 2 April to sample for yourself. 7/10. AW