ALBUM REVIEW: Peace - Happy People

PEACE ... Happy People (Columbia)
PEACE ... Happy People (Columbia)

HYPED to high heaven upon their arrival two years ago, it was little surprise to see this Birmingham quartet’s baggy, shoegaze-aping debut In Love fall flat of expectations.

Although a departure of sorts, this follow-up remains an utterly derivative affair; the debt this time owed to ‘90s indie and britpop, with results akin to a less exuberant 1975.

At a succinct 37 minutes, it’s very much a no-frills type of record, loaded with standard-length cuts with little in the way of surprises or ambition.

Having said that, there’s no doubt it packs some decent hooks - though whether the likes of Gen Strange, Lost on Me and Perfect Skin are enough to fend off the “landfill” tag is open to debate. 6/10. AW