Cancer ‘reality check’ inspires Hartlepool charity gigs

CANCER SCARE: Headland musician John Miller, who is hoping to raise funds for a cancer charity after being given the all-clear.
CANCER SCARE: Headland musician John Miller, who is hoping to raise funds for a cancer charity after being given the all-clear.

A MUSICIAN who suffered a six-month cancer scare after doctors found a lump in his throat now has a passion for raising money for people with the disease and has organised two charity gigs.

John Miller had problems with his throat for about six months last year and then doctors found a lump which they feared could have been cancerous.

Hartlepool band The Endeavours.

Hartlepool band The Endeavours.

Fortunately for the 37-year-old dad-of-two the growth was non-cancerous, but the experience gave him a stark “reality check”.

So the plumber’s mate, from Hartlepool, has organised two charity music nights to raise much-needed cash for Hartlepool and District Hospice at which he and his four-strong band The Endeavours, will play.

Guitarist John told the Mail: “I was bad last year for about six months and the specialist found a lump in my throat.

WIt turned out to be benign but it gave me a right scare and spurred me on to do more stuff for the local people and people suffering with the disease.

“It all went on for about six months and it gave me a real insight to what people are going through day in, day out.

“It gave me a reality check and wake-up call.”

So John has organised two music-packed nights of live and local music in the hope that as much money as possible can come rolling in for the hospice, in Wells Avenue, which cares for people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

The first event will take place in The Pot House/Harbour of Refuge pub, in Croft Terrace, on the Headland, in Hartlepool, on Friday, January 23, from 7pm.

A string of bands and singers will be performing, including Dig The Old Breed, Anthony Bennett, Charlie Campbell, Pek and Wanley, The Voluntears (who have played at Glastonbury and Reading festivals), Jonny Cash-style singer Brian Middleton, and John’s band The Endeavours, which also includes members Tony Skilbeck, Mick Taylor and Neil Eastwood.

There will also be raffles with prizes including photo shoots, driving lessons, and fitness classes.

The second night of music will be held in The Avenue, in Lauder Street, Hartlepool, onFebruary 6, from 7pm.

There will be performances from Anna Leigh Stainton, Pek and Wanley, The Endeavours, Case-ino, John Mcaffery from Running On The Spot, and DJ Callum Atter.

Tickets cost £5 and are available from behind the bars of either venue, from The Endeavours Facebook page, and also on the door.