From Hartlepool flop to festivals – could Jacksons Landing be about to stage events?

Jacksons Landing.
Jacksons Landing.

Hartlepool’s Jacksons Landing waterfront site - which has stood derelict for a decade - could be allowed to host festival events.

Hartlepool Borough Council, which owns the former discount shopping mall on the marina, has been approached by a potential event organiser and has its own plans to turn the site into a regional venue.

Christopher Akers-Belcher.

Christopher Akers-Belcher.

The council has submitted a planning application to itself to try and secure planning permission for a temporary change of use.

Meanwhile, the council is set to consider the long-term future options for the site soon when the results of a Masterplan go before regeneration councillors.

Papers submitted as part of the application for a change of use state: “The current planning permission is for retail and catering and it is proposed to temporarily utilise the site for festivals and events.

“The area has held a number of festival and events over the years including the Tall Ships race and Hartlepool’s Maritime Festival.

We want something so that it can be a vibrant hub on the waterfront.

Coun Christopher Akers-Belcher

“The proposal to hold events at Jacksons Landing is in keeping and complimentary to the surrounding uses. The festival will be held on the ground floor with level flooring to the main front entrance and the fire escapes will be ramped.”

Options for the future of Jacksons Landing are due to go before the Regeneration Services committee in July.

Council leader Christopher Akers-Belcher stressed the plans to stage festivals are speculative at this stage.

Regarding the site’s future he added: “We want something that will be a regional draw on that site so that it can be a vibrant hub on the waterfront.

“Whatever we build or someone else builds, it has to be something that complements the Vision Retail Park under construction at the moment and the National Royal Navy Museum who will be in charge of the whole historic quay from April 1 next year.”