High Tunstall choir’s triumph at Hartlepool Music and Arts Festival

High Tunstall College of Science's choir
High Tunstall College of Science's choir

CONGRATULATIONS to High Tunstall College of Science school choir after they triumphed at Hartlepool Music and Arts Festival.

They were awarded the Specialist Vocal Trophy after going up against three top choirs from across the town.

The choir performed the song Freedom Road from Bad Girls the musical and a Disney Medley in the finals held at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre.

High Tunstall’s vocal group and choir leader Hannah Rutter said the atmosphere on stage was electrifying.

After a long wait the judges announced them as the winners.

Miss Rutter added: “I can honestly say that I have never heard them sing as well as they did that evening.

“The audience were totally behind us all the way and even joined in clapping us along.”

It was an emotional end to the night for Year 11 students Niamh Owen, Alice Gilhespy Swan and Victoria Murray as it was their last performance 
before they leave school.