REVIEW: Kylie, Metro Radio Arena

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DISCO Kylie, Dance Kylie, Bondage Kylie, Pink Kylie - you see them all in the chameleon of pop’s show which spans her decades in the business.

No one knows more than Kylie herself that her career has had its peaks and troughs, from naff bubble perms to trendy couture frocks, and she celebrates it all in this Kiss Me Once tour.

This is her thirteenth tour no less, and emerging pop stars could learn more than a thing or two from this veteran.

Despite her pint-sized frame, Kylie is big in stage presence and charisma, and she has a knack of making everyone in the audience feel like her friend, stopping the show at intervals to chat to fans, read out their banners and even invite them on stage for selfies. Kudos to super fan Paul who, after Kylie signed his tattoo on stage, sang Wild Thing with her and asked her out for a Chinese later.

Though this tour is on the back of her twelfth album, Kylie doesn’t just stick to these tracks. As always, she gives the crowd what they want - emerging from the stage in a pink meringue frock to perform earlier hits Hand On Your Heart, Got To Be Certain and Never Too Late.

A backdrop flashed scenes from her videos of yesteryear as a reminder of how much the singer, and us, have changed since she began her recording career in 1987.

A bath was brought on stage to recreate her iconic I Should Be So Lucky video, with the new addition of some muscle-bound dancers to help her in and out of the tub.

She switched from kitsch to sultry, donning PVC, and slinking around the stage for later tracks such as Slow, while On A Night Like This turned the arena into a kaleidoscopic light show. This is a quality production and at times you felt like you were in an Ibiza super club as lasers beamed across the sea of adoring fans.

It’s rare for modern-day popstars to do requests, but Kylie did just that. “I can’t hear you, so I’ll do it if you can sign it to me” she said in her distinctive Aussie lilt. Inevitably, Locomotion was the most popular choice and had everyone doing the famous dance.

Kylie’s effervescent enthusiasm for her music, and her fans, is infectious and you can’t help but join in. Few popstars have such panache.