The Jar Family want to make Hartlepool music festival bigger and better next year

A Hartlepool band is hoping to make their music festival bigger and better next year.

The Jar Family’s We Are Family festival is set to go ahead at Jacksons Landing, on the Marina, for the second time, next month.

But as Hartlepool Borough Council have announced plans to demolish the building, after the festival on Saturday, September 10, the band is having to re-think plans for next year.

Members Lee Dali and Richie Docherty, who each play guitar as well as providing vocals and percussion, are taking the opportunity to expand the festival.

Richie said: “We are going to do another festival but obviously we’ll have to find another location.

“It’s a shame this place is going to be knocked down because there’s a lot of potential in it, it could be anything.”

Hartlepool band The Jar Family ahead of Jacksons Landing music festival.'From left Richie Docherty and  Lee Dali

Hartlepool band The Jar Family ahead of Jacksons Landing music festival.'From left Richie Docherty and Lee Dali

Lee added: “It’ll be a relocation. I think what we’ll look for, if it is another success this year and there’s people wanting it next year, I think we’ll look for somewhere where you can camp, where we can have it like a proper festival.

“Somewhere you go on the Friday and watch all the bands then camp and you chill on the night, then get up on the morning and go to the smelly toilets –the full festival atmosphere.

“We want to take two or three days and have a full weekend of music and hopefully bring something good to the North East.”

The band is hoping their festival could give the North East an event to rival others around the country.

Lee said: “You’ve got Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading, T in the Park, all the big festivals, and I think it’s about time that we had a good rootsy festival.

“There are thousands that go on all over the country but you never hear of them.”

Richie added: “Some of them are great and you’ve never even heard of them before. Some of them are better than the big festivals.

“They’re nice and intimate and everyone is all happy and they’ve got a family feel, the same as ours.”

The festival will also see the release of The Jar Family’s new self-produced EP, Daydreamin’.

Recorded at Sounds Studios in Kent, it is the first time the band have recorded, mixed and arranged everything themselves, alongside long time Jar Family collaborator Kevin Harris.

Richie said: “We’re excited for people to hear it. If it was up to me it would be out there now.”

Lee added: “There are a few people we’ve passed it onto to give them a listen and some of them can’t believe it, it’s like a totally different sound to what we’re used to.

Tickets for the festival cost £10. To book and to see a full line-up of bands, go to