Travel and safety advice for Bon Jovi fans

BON JOVI ... thousands of fans are expected at their stadium gig in Sunderland.
BON JOVI ... thousands of fans are expected at their stadium gig in Sunderland.

POLICE have issued travel and safety advice for the thousands of music fans who will flock to see Bon Jovi’s big North-East show this week.

The US rock band are at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland on Thursday, and Northumbria Police say concert goers should plan their journeys in advance and give themselves plenty of time, as they expect roads in and around the city to be busy.

Fans are urged to get the stadium early - the courtyard opens at 2pm, and the doors from 4pm, with support acts starting at 6pm. Bon Jovi are due on stage at about 8pm.

Anyone taking expensive items like digital cameras, iPads and phones are advised to ensure they are stored somewhere safe - especially when in large crowds.

If you are taking a bag then store expensive items, and purses etc, inside and make sure you keep it secure and on you at all times.

Anyone planning on driving and parking in Sunderland is advised not to leave items in cars, and especially not out on show.

Remove any expensive items before your journey, and try to use the designated safe parking areas where possible.

Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt said: “We want people to enjoy the concert and have a really great evening.

“The last thing we want is anyone’s night ruined by the fact they’ve had their phone stolen or their car broken into.

“Help us by planning ahead, and by taking a few simple crime prevention steps you can help protect yourself and your property from becoming the victim of a crime.

“Don’t leave valuables in cars, keep belongings like purses and electronic items somewhere safe and secure on you, and just be vigilant for thieves.

“Most smart phones and tablets have apps for them that allow them to be tracked through GPS if they are stolen.

“Anyone who has these items should look into installing the software, as it can prove a big help to police in finding lost or stolen phones and returning them back to their owners.”