We Are Family: Festival organisers give away 400 tickets to deserving families

The Jar Family at Jacksons Landing.
The Jar Family at Jacksons Landing.

Organisers of a festival have given away 400 free tickets to deserving families.

Hartlepool band The Jar Family donated the tickets to their ‘We Are Family’ festival to families who need a boost.

They say that given the name of the festival and their new album, the band wanted to recognise the importance of putting family first and this was their way of doing it.

The festival takes place tomorrow at Jacksons Landing and is expected to attract 5,000 music and food lovers.

Featuring 15 local artists and bands, with special guest performances, there will be lots of top street food vendors attending.

Wylam Brewery with their award-winning craft beers and Fat Hippo Burgers with their 100% Northumbrian beef burgers, among others, will be there feeding the masses.

Tickets were distributed to various school headteachers and youth workers to be distributed to families that have had a difficult year through the likes of illness, finances, disability or bereavement.

Dali, from the band, said: “Most of us have families of our own and know things can get tough sometimes, so this is a nice way of putting a few smiles back on some faces.”

Acts such as indie rock band Frankie & the Hearstrings and Northern funk duo Smoove & Turrell will be performing alongside Hartlepool heroes The Jar Family.

Dali added: “We really want the town to get behind this so we can host one every year.”

Log onto hartlepoolmail.co.uk to see a video from a drone of Hartlepool Marina that has been created by Simon Rogerson ahead of the fun.