REVIEW: Chris Ramsey: All Growed Up, The Customs House, South Shields

South Shields comedian Chris Ramsey brought his new show All Growed Up to the Customs House.
South Shields comedian Chris Ramsey brought his new show All Growed Up to the Customs House.

When exactly are we classed as grown ups?

That was the question posed last night by South Shields comedian Chris Ramsey as he entertained a sold-out crowd at his hometown theatre.

Support act Jason Cook.

Support act Jason Cook.

The comic really has made a huge career for himself. You can barely turn on the television these days without seeing him pop up on some panel show or another, but last night, it was like he was among old friends as he shared rib-tickling stories from his childhood and beyond.

The night was kicked off by Hebburn comic and sitcom creator Jason Cook.

His hyper-local humour – making jokes about The Nook and Horsley Hill – quickly set the tone for what was to be a special night for South Tyneside comedy fans.

These comics travel the country entertaining the masses, but they’re ours and when they come home, they really go all out.

Cook’s banter with the crowd and tales of Disneyland disasters were outrageously funny.

After the interval, Ramsey made a more theatrical entrance. Childhood pictures detailing his transformation from babe in arms to teenager to ‘grown up’ flashed up on a giant screen before he walked onto the stage amid smoke effects and stood between giant Lego initials.

The audience howled with laughter at his tales of playing knocky door neighbour and hide and seek and the unusual career he dreamed of having as a youngster.

Ramsey has a wonderful knack for storytelling and his audience repeatedly fell silent, waiting with bated breath as he built up to the hilarious conclusions of his tales, to be met with a wall of hysterical laughter.

Audience members found familiarity in stories of family holidays and being forced to become friends with the child of the couple your parents had attached themselves to and how presents deteriorate as you get older.

At one point, a few unruly audience members caused a bit of a raucous but Ramsey handled it very well, putting his foot down in a firm but fair – and very grown up – manner.

The comic found humour in the way we change as we grow older, telling chucklesome anecdotes about getting excited over storage space and his impending fatherhood.

The show was also filled with sweeter moments. The audience made collective ‘ahh’ noises as Ramsey spoke of his love for his wife, their wedding day, and finding out they were expecting their first child.

All Growed Up really draws on the milestones that we reach throughout our lives and is a milestone for Ramsey too – it was his best show yet.

Ramsey is a naturally-funny guy and a genuinely nice bloke who, no doubt, has a huge – and hilarious – future ahead of him.

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