REVIEW: The Full Monty, Theatre Royal, Newcastle

BARING ALL ... The Full Monty is at the Theatre Royal, in Newcastle.
BARING ALL ... The Full Monty is at the Theatre Royal, in Newcastle.

THE song might say “you can leave your hat on”, but a crowd of screaming women were glad the stars of The Full Monty didn’t abide by that particular rule.

If ever a show was created to be the perfect girls’ night out, this one would tick all the boxes.

The Full Monty, starring Gary Lucy, is coming to the Theatre Royal.

The Full Monty, starring Gary Lucy, is coming to the Theatre Royal.

A catchy soundtrack, good looking blokes getting their kit off – yes, that’s all the boxes.

The stage show is based on the 1997 film of the same name and fans will absolutely eat it up.

But don’t be put off if you’ve never seen the film. The stage version was penned by Oscar-winning writer of the film, Simon Beaufoy, and was definitely meant to be seen live.

It follows a bunch of out-of-work Sheffield steelworkers, led by Gaz (Gary Lucy), who decide to form a striptease act to make some money.

Gaz is desperate to raise cash so he can continue seeing his son Nathan (Raif Clarke) and after a few auditions and a lot of convincing, he has his act in the form of Gerald (Andrew Dunn), Horse (Louis Emerick), Guy (Rupert Hill), Dave (Martin Miller) and Lomper (Bobby Schofield).

Throughout the show, even just a reference to stripping was enough to make the women scream.

One woman, however, seemed to interpret the whooping and cheering as permission to shout out anything she liked.

In some sort of child-like outburst, she shouted that she needed “a wee break”, before being met by angry shushes from around the room.

Hats off to the actors who weren’t put off by the ridiculous request.

All those famous moments from the film are there – getting caught by the police, dancing in the unemployment line, the gnomes, the cling film wrap, and everything else.

It’s absolutely hilarious but has those ‘ahhh’ moments too.

It includes all the songs from the film, like Hot Stuff, You Sexy Thing, and You Can Leave Your Hat On, and some slick and sexy choreography to go along with them.

The show builds and builds to that scene that everyone is waiting for – the full monty – and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Deafening screams rang out from the theatre as the guys stripped to their skimpy thongs, covered their modesty with hats, and whipped them away.

A lighting effect is supposed to shine brightly from behind the actors, turning them into silhouettes and keeping their manhood a mystery.

I’m not sure if it was working properly last night though. The audience were treated to a bit of an eye full – not that anyone was complaining.

It was certainly a night to remember for all who were there.

It’s a sensational show, so girls, get your tickets!

The Full Monty runs until Saturday. To book tickets, go to the Theatre Royal website.

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