Hartlepool charity co-founder to be seen by millions during Children in Need

Dawn McManus in the Unit. Picture by FRANK REID
Dawn McManus in the Unit. Picture by FRANK REID

THE co-founder of a Hartlepool charity will be seen by millions of TV viewers during tonight’s Children in Need coverage.

Dawn McManus from town talent-nurturing charity Red Dreams, based in Whitby Street South, has been chosen to speak at Children in Need’s official Teesside broadcast, at 9.15pm, in Stockton.

She will talk about how Children in Need has helped the cause over the past four years, allocating more than £40,000.

This has helped secure a technical manager for the Red Dreams unit, who works across the sound and film department and maintains the IT structure.

The funding has allowed Red Dreams to help hundreds of young people to develop their skills and build confidence, many of them moving into work or further education.

One of them is Olivia Crawford, who will be performing on stage at 5.25pm in Stockton as part of the mammoth annual fundraiser.

The 13-year-old Manor College of Technology student, who has attended Red Dreams for nine months, will perform three songs.

Olivia has been writing tracks with her sister, Georgia Fletcher, 21, and the pair were due to perform on BBC Radio Tees this morning, as well as talk about their experiences.

Ian McManus, Dawn’s husband and Red Dreams co-founder, said: “It’s fantastic, the things that Children in Need do.

“Without it we would have struggled over the past few years.

“People like Olivia wouldn’t be getting the chance to develop.”

Red Dreams is opening up its catchment to include adults in 2015.