Mattie reins in Loose Women

Mattie Jameson. Picture by FRANK REID
Mattie Jameson. Picture by FRANK REID

MATTIE Jameson has the hard task of keeping 10 of TV’s most outspoken presenters in check.

Mattie, 26, from Hartlepool, has the exciting job of looking after the panel members of ITV lunchtime show Loose Women.

The former English Martyrs and Sacred Heart school pupil is production secretary on the popular show, having started out as a runner last year.

He rubs shoulders with the show’s lively stars, Denise Welch, Carol McGiffin, Sherrie Hewson, Jane McDonald, Lisa Maxwell, Andrea McLean, Carol Vorderman, Janet Street-Porter, Jenny Eclair and Ruth Langford.

Mattie, whose mum Lynn McKenzie lives on the Bishop Cuthbert estate and whose dad Stephen Jameson lives in Throston, said: “My job is to look after the Loose Women every single day while at work and sometimes away from work.

“The girls arrive from 8am and I’m the first there to meet them.

“We will sit down and have a coffee and talk about their plans for the day.

“It’s my responsibility that they know where they are going and when. I get them into make up and we have a laugh along the way.”

Mattie, who has also worked as a runner on Britain’s Got Talent, the X Factor auditions, Don’t Stop Believing and The Million Pound Drop, also books the travel for guests and presenters and he has also stood in as the audience warm-up man.

He even had Lady Gaga stood behind him in the canteen of the ITV studios.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve got a favourite Loose Woman,” he said.

“I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Jane because I was always a bit of a fan, and for Denise because she’s also from the North-East.”

Mattie, whose family, including sister Grace Jameson, 21, and 14-year-old brother Cameron McKenzie, and grandparents Joyce and Bill Jameson, from the Hart Lane area, are big fans of the show, socialises with the women at work events and often goes for a drink with the girls after work.

The former Stockton Riverside College and London South Bank University student said: “They are really down to earth and really normal.

“It’s a bit like having 10 mothers.

“They will probably kill me for saying that, I should say it’s like having 10 older sisters.”

Mattie, who is now based in the Forest Hill area of South London, said there is “never a dull day” in his dream job, though it can be very stressful and includes a lot of early starts and sometimes “the phone never stops”.

He said the women never display diva-like behaviour and that most of them are happy with a simple cup of tea.

Mattie added: “I used to like Loose Women when I was a student so it was quite daunting to think ‘what if they are horrible or nasty’, but to be honest, once you get to know them they are just lovely.”

Loose Women is on a summer break until early September.