Five of the best shows to watch on TV this week

Marcella continues on ITV this week.Marcella continues on ITV this week.
Marcella continues on ITV this week.
If you're stuck for something to watch this week, why not give one of these five shows a try...

Marcella, ITV, Monday, 9pm

Disturbed by her first fugue in months, Marcella seeks the help of Dr. Fairclough who tells her that it might be a good idea to go back to the origin of the fugues: Juliet’s cot death. Marcella tries to relive that moment at her home but the resulting stress levels put her into another fugue.

Collateral, BBC Two, Monday, 9pm

Sandrine (Jeany Sparks) is increasingly fraught. Peter Westbourne (Richard McCabe) tracks her down, but fails to calm her.

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Faced with a second murder, Kip (Carey Mulligan) and Nathan (Nathaniel Martello-White) struggle to figure out how the two killings are connected.

Will & Grace, Channel 5, Friday, 10pm

Will and Grace’sfriends Joe and Larry are showing them baby pictures - their daughter Hannah is heading off to college and they are feeling broody. In a desperate attempt to stop emotional Larry from blubbering, Grace goes behindWill’s back and offers Larry a job - at their design studio.

The X-Files, Channel 5, Monday, 10pm

Episode 4, titled ‘The LostArt of Forehead Sweat’, explores the idea of the Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people collectively remember an alternate history, as Mulder and Scully learn how the X-Files themselves may have originated.

Strike Back: Retribution, Sky One & NOW TV, Weds, 9pm

It’s gripping stuff in the Strike Back finale.

The team learn that if they don’t bring in the Atlas, they’ll go down as the unit that murdered their commanding officer. But clearing their names (and saving their skins) isn’t going to be easy. For one, they aren’t the only people after the Atlas.

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