Richard Ord: Proof Mrs Ord is no trophy wife

I was lucky enough to holiday in Spain this year and so took the opportunity to visit the Nou Camp, home of Barcelona.

Should Theresa May set up a commission to tackle inequality?

Legal eagle: Review of Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act is the law which sets out when you can be admitted, detained and treated in hospital against your wishes.

Our Benefits Expert answers your questions about what to claim.

Which benefits can you claim for a family member who has had a stroke?

Q. I am claiming Universal Credit and I am not able to look for work due to arthritis.

Graham Low doing his 15 minutes 15 core exercises.

Five reasons to strengthen your core

Building core strength means more than just having six-pack abs.

Our columnist urges people to think carefully before buying a gift card.

Can you guess what percentage of gift cards get lost or expire without use?

It  is a sad day for many parents when their kids decide they no longer want birthday or Christmas presents to unwrap, and would rather have cold hard cash in an envelope or festive stocking.
Meconopsis Lingholm (Himalayan blue poppy). Picture by: Plant World Seeds

Gardening: Get free seeds with Plant World Seeds’ new catalogue

The Plant World Seeds offers have always been very popular – and here’s a new one to celebrate the company’s new catalogue.

Image sent in by Mail reader of man appearing to throw dog into the sea.

Mike Hill MP: We’re animal lovers despite headlines

AN MP’s post bag is a truly wondrous and insightful thing.

The new Dragons' Den line-up.

Richard Ord: Another decade and another ‘great’ idea!

I’m enjoying a rare rush of money-spinning ideas.

A Generic Photo of person carrying lots of Christmas shopping. See PA Feature WELLBEING Christmas Workouts. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature WELLBEING Christmas Workouts.

Feeling great: Christmas shopping counts as exercise!

Got asked this question the other day on Facebook:

Divorce after foreign marriage.

Legal eagle: Divorce after foreign marriage

I married my spouse in our home country and we then moved to England to live permanently. Our relationship has now broken down and I want a divorce, do I have to start the divorce proceedings in my home country?

Our Benefits Expert answers your questions.

Can I appeal to keep my motability car?

Q. I was claiming Disability Living Allowance, but was recently migrated to Personal Independence Payment.

Spiced butternut squash soup.

Recipe of the Week: Spiced butternut squash soup

The colder weather is setting in so that means it’s soup season!

A boot camp is a good way of getting motivated.

Shaping Up: Six tips to avoid a winter workout rut

Brrrrrr, the winter weather is certainly on its way! I’ve felt a real drop in temperature this week, especially when getting up at 5.30am for boot camp.

Your thermostat is designed to turn your heating on and off to keep your home at the temperature you set it.

Are you getting the best out of your central heating?

The clocks have gone back, the temperature is plummeting and leaves are losing their green.
Many of us are left frustrated at how our complaints are handled.

Who do you complain to when you are angry at how your complaint is handled?

If you’ve made a complaint but you’re still not happy, where do you turn when things go wrong (after Resolver, of course)? The answer’s simple – go to an ombudsman.

If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Why discount holiday vouchers don't always provide the bargains you're expecting

We all love a bargain and websites which make a business out of offering us cut-price deals on everything from beauty treatments to bungee jumping know that all too well.
Are you drinking too much alcohol?

Do you know what a safe level of alcohol consumption is?

Alcohol is an accepted part of our socialising, but do you know how much you’re drinking and what the safe level of alcohol consumption is?
Running in the winter.

Feeling great: It’s vital to keep active in winter

Dark mornings? Check. Needing to wrap up in more layers when leaving the house? Check.

War Memorial Victory Square Hartlepool. Picture by FRANK REID

Mike Hill MP: Remember the victims of war this Sunday

Try as we might, the horrors of war are impossible to imagine. If ever there was a case of “you had to be there”, then war is very much it.

Richard Ord: Cash is king, but tax avoidance is Queen

Richard Ord: Cash is king, but tax avoidance is Queen

I’ve busted a dubious trade in Peter Crouches in our household.

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