Mail readers call for a three-day weekend as more businesses make changes to office hours

The majority of Hartlepool Mail readers have announced that they would prefer to work longer days in order to have a three-day weekend.

Sunday, 15th September 2019, 5:45 pm
Readers voted for a three-day-weekend.
Photo: 	Freedomz -
Readers voted for a three-day-weekend. Photo: Freedomz -

This decision comes from our recent poll on social media where we asked you: “As more businesses make changes to their office hours, would you prefer to work four longer days, and have a three-day weekend?”

Out of the 330 people that voted, the majority (84%) of readers voted for a long weekend leaving only 53 voting against them.

Mail readers have been eager to share their views on this.

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Kevin Bolton said: “I all ready do.”

Adrian Paul feels that this layout of shifts will benefit most businesses. He said: “It shall save a fortune for businesses with staff being off sick with stress and what ever else.

“Work an extra hour and a half over the four days to make up for lost wages and get a three-day weekend. I know it won’t work for all businesses but will for most.”

However, there are concerns about shift patterns and how working longer may not work for everyone.

Adrian said: “Nights and days really messes with your body clock. I worked those kind of shifts some years ago. After a short while I got out of it as it was unhealthy. Body clock didn’t know whether it was coming or going.”

Rich Thomas said: “I work 12 hour shifts, four on four off days, nights. Takes two days to recover! Two half hour breaks. On your feet for the full shift. If it was a 40 our a week job over five days I would say yes.”

However, some readers are happier to work longer.

Robert John Henry Robinson commented: “Absolutely yes. More hours, more money for me. I used to work 13 hours a day, Monday to Saturday, at a recycling plant. Loved it.”

Not all readers want a weekend off at all.

Alan Spindloe said: “I wish we could work seven-day weeks. No weekends! They cause more trouble than any other days.”