'One in seven' Hartlepool people have still to receive Covid-19 jab

Around one in seven people in Hartlepool have still not received a coronavirus vaccine, according to new figures.

By Patrick Jack
Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 3:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th June 2022, 10:40 am

One year after all over 18s were offered the chance to get their first jab, data from NHS England shows 66,966 people in Hartlepool had received a first dose of the vaccine by June 5 – 86% of those in the area.

That means 14% remain unvaccinated.

Nationally, the figures show around 93.3% of adults in had received a first jab by June 5, with vaccine rates ranging from between just 63.9% in Westminster to 93.3% in Hambleton, Yorkshire.

One in seven snub virus jab.

Dr Simon Williams, of Swansea University, who has been running a study into people’s attitude towards vaccines, said ethnicity and deprivation are the two biggest factors which can help explain the varying vaccine coverage.

He said: "Vaccines are the tools to continue to reduce the harm that Covid inflicts on people and also reduce future rates of long Covid – the long term impact of which we still don't fully understand.

"We need to better engage with some communities to understand what economic, social and cultural factors might be explaining why uptake is so low."

With 72.9% having received at least one vaccine, those aged 25-29 have the highest refusal rates in Hartlepool.

By comparison, the 75-79 age bracket has the highest uptake in the area – 97.1%.

The Department of Health and Social Care said there are areas of the country with lower uptake, but it will continue to provide advice on how to get a vaccine and its benefits.