FEELING GREAT: Don’t wait for the springtime to get outdoors to exercise

Do you remember last week’s column? I wrote about the importance of compression clothing and the right clothing when it comes to exercise and fitness.
"What you wear is as important as making the effort to go out.""What you wear is as important as making the effort to go out."
"What you wear is as important as making the effort to go out."

Today I’m going to offer some vital tips and advice for exercising in the right manner.

It’s important for your health – both physical and mental – that you don’t wait until spring and the lighter nights before heading outdoors. Do it today.

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Outdoor exercise is good for your body and mind, no matter the time of year. Yes, even now! Getting outside allows us to reconnect with nature, break away from the digital world we all live in.

What you wear is as important as making the effort to go out and my tips here on what you should be wearing will help you feel good. We all feel better when we are nicely dressed - a new pair of running trainers or walking boots will give you the same feel-good factor!

1: The quickest way to lose body heat is to get wet. Water moves heat away from the area of highest concentration (your body) to the lowest (cold air outside). Getting wet will quickly leave you damp and miserable. If you're cold and wet you may be more inclined to cut your workout short.

Skip active wear made from cotton, which soaks up sweat and rain. There’s plenty of good quality, good value sports and leisure wear out there which will make a big difference to your outlook.

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2: Don’t stop at sweat-wicking clothes when walking. You also need layers to trap warm air next to your body and keep out the elements.

Opt for a thin base layer made of synthetic fabrics to help pull sweat away from your skin. If it’s really cold, wear a middle layer, such as fleece, for extra warmth. Then, add an outer layer (or shell) to protect you from wind, snow, and rain.

Depending on the weather, your outer shell can be a lightweight windbreaker, or a heavyweight, waterproof jacket.

3: Black may be chic for many, but bright clothes are better for outdoor exercise. Not only is it colder in winter, it’s darker too. Poor visibility from dark skies makes it tougher for others to see you.

Wear brightly coloured clothing and gear whenever possible and consider purchasing reflective gear or blinking lights. It’s all good, common sense advice to follow!