FEELING GREAT: Most people aren’t unhappy it’s that they’re simply bored

Let me ask you this: What’s your ultimate goal in wanting to keep fit? Or even, how come you’re reading this article in the first place?

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 12:00 am
It’s very easy for us to fall into the trap of trying to control our lives, never shifting from what we know works

Sure, it might be to find one or two tips to help keep you more active and healthier, but when you really think about it, isn’t the ultimate reason that all of us try to find more of both is so that we can add something to our levels of happiness?

Here’s what I mean: The more research I do on health and fitness, the more references to happiness I’m finding. There are lessons in being unhappy in life, that can be taken across to your attempt to stay active and healthy. The reality is that most people’s unhappiness stems from boredom. And by that I mean that most people aren’t unhappy - they’re just bored!

Think about any job you ever disliked, or perhaps the job you’re currently disliking going to every day. It’s probably because the role lacks novelty, surprise or any opportunity to do new things. The excitement of what was once a job you enjoyed, even loved, has vanished. Yet the job and its requirements remain exactly the same. In essence, nothing’s changed! And that’s the real problem people should to face up to before they spend years grumbling about their working situation.

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One of the many misconceptions about happiness is the idea that if everything just stays the same as it is now, you will be happy. You work so hard to get into a new job or a new relationship (or out of one), and it’s common to think that those first exciting few months are how you will always feel. But that’s not possible. Even if things do stay the same, you’ll never be as happy as you were at first. It’s all because of chemicals in your body that make you adapt to the environment you’re in every day.

And you know what? I see many people around me suffering from this way of thinking and feeling – friends, family, colleagues and clients included. It’s very easy for us to fall into the trap of trying to control our lives, never shifting from what we know works, just so we can try and stay as happy as we know now - not wanting to risk ever being happier, just in case we’re left feeling unhappier. Think about it!

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