These are the 15 most deprived postcode areas in and around Hartlepool according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation

The Hartlepool Mail can today reveal 15 of the most deprived areas in and around Hartlepool – and some of the streets that fall within them.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:06 pm
Hartlepool's most deprived areas.

Data has been collected from the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) which was most recently updated in September 2019.

The IMD is the official measure of deprivation in England. The IMD combines information about seven different types of deprivation to produce an overall relative measure of deprivation. In the IMD 2019, there are 39 datasets (indicators) organised into the seven domains of deprivation.

The IMD measures deprivation for small areas named Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs). Each LSOA is estimated to contain around 650 households and can span over a few geographically close streets. These areas are ranked with a number to measure deprivation, with 1 being the most deprived

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The most deprived LSOA in the Hartlepool area is around the port, and largely covers TS24 0 postcodes. Streets within it include Cleveland Road, Firby Close and Millpool Close.


LSOAs do not correspond exactly to postcodes, so the postcodes and street names given in this article are approximate.

The following 15 are the most deprived LSOAs in and around Hartlepool.

They have been ranked according to their deprivation ranking in the local area, beginning with the most deprived.

In second place is an LSOA in Hartlepool Town Centre which largely covers TS24 8 postcodes, including addresses on Lowthian Road, Raby Road and Rium Terrace.
TS25 3 postcodes to the east of Brierton are included in this LSOA, including homes on Huntley Road, Inverness Road and Islay Grove.
Huckelhoven Way, Lynn Street and Sheerness Grove are all TS24 7 postcodes included in this deprived town centre LSOA.
In fifth place is another LSOA to the south of the town centre. It mostly covers TS24 4 postcodes, encompassing streets like Clark Street and Park Road.
Harrow Street, Eton Street and Jackson Street all fall within this LSOA, roughly halfway between Stranton and Foggy Furze. It mostly covers TS25 5 postcodes.
TS24 0 and TS24 9 postcodes make up the majority of postcodes in this LSOA. Arkley Crescent, Miers Avenue and Sedgewick Close are all streets included.
Falling within this LSOA are a number of TS26 8 postcodes in the western part of Hartlepool town centre This includes Collingwood Road, Hopps Street and Richardson Street.
The ninth most deprived LSOA in the local area mostly includes TS34 8 postcodes, including addresses on Allerton Close and Brecongill Close.
In tenth place is an LSOA also located in the north of the Town Centre. It includes TS24 8 postcodes, including homes on Hurworth Street, Mapleton Road and Phillips Road.
About midway between Hart Station and Hartfields is an LSOA which largely includes TS24 9 postcodes. This encompasses Carrick Street, Clifford Close and King Oswy Drive.
Glamis Walk, Kelso Grove and Kilmarnock Road are all TS25 3 postcodes that fall within this LSOA located to the east of Brierton.
TS25 4 postcodes make up most of this LSOA, which includes Cowper Grove, Lewis Grove and Masefield Road.
West of Seaton Carew is another deprived LSOA which includes Freemantle Grove, Garston Grove and Seaton Lane - TS25 1 postcodes.
Fifteenth most deprived in the Hartlepool area is yet another LSOA in the town centre, though in the south. This mostly includes TS25 9 postcodes like Blakelock Gardens, Colwyn Road and Marske Street.