Which of these Hartlepool scenes brings back the most memories?

9 memories of Hartlepool pubs as we head back INSIDE for a drink - which would you like to go back to?

What if the lockdown was easing in years gone by? Would one of these Hartlepool pubs have been your preference for a first drink?

Monday, 17th May 2021, 6:43 pm

It’s official! We can go back inside the pubs of the town.

But what if you could do it in the pubs we knew from decades past? Would you choose the Bird’s Nest, Brus Arms, Woodcutter or Kirkham?

We have the Hartlepool Museum Service and Hartlepool Library Service to thank for some great photos.

We hope this brings back memories of pubs in the past as you venture back in to Hartlepool pubs of the present.

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