Join us as we take a spot of time travel back to the mid 1980s.

9 photos from Hartlepool and East Durham in the mid 1980s - the era of Grange Hill and The Bill

Was it really more than 35 years ago! Time has certainly flown since all of these Hartlepool and East Durham photos were taken.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 1:57 pm

We have memories of a popular bar and a seafront event which drew huge crowds. We have a super set of singers and youngsters having a splashing time at Mill House.

How many of these scenes do you remember from the year when we watched The Bill, Grange Hill and Spitting Image on TV and listened to Jennifer Rush, A-ha and Sister Sledge in the charts?

Take a look through our archive collection and then get in touch to share your own recollections.

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