Brett's, Frank Wright's and The Other Record Shop - the must-visit shops from Hartlepool's past to spend your pocket money

A quarter of sweets from your favourite shop, choosing one of the latest singles you may have heard on the radio or a new trinket to show your friends.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 9:20 am

If you were lucky enough to get pocket money as a youngster, these were just some of the things you could have chosen to spend it on.

This Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a shopping trip down Hartlepool’s memory lane to shine a light on the stores you always visited when you had some coins to spend.

From comics and toy cars to sweet treats and records, here are some of the most popular choices.

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A treasure trove of toys!

It was on the must-visit list for Mail readers including Malcolm Day and Terry Hegarty.

Was Frank Wright's a stop on your must-visit shops list?

Brett’s Sweet Shop

Ian Mills: “Brett’s Sweet Shop, loved their coughs drops.”

Val Stabler: “Brett's Sweet Shop loved their toffee apples and bags of scraps.”

Frank Wright's

A quarter of sherbet lemons, please! Everyone loved Brett's sweet shop.

Allan James Bell: “Frank Wright’s, all the best quality toys.”

Fiona Morgan: “Frank Wright's, buying Blackberry Farm books.”

Simon Thompson: “Frank Wright’s for the model kits and Matchbox cars.”

Gillen’s Newsagents

A trip down the curly ramp to Woolworths in 1986! Anyone for a pick 'n' mix?

Was it your corner shop and pocket money haven?

It got a shout out from Sonia Foreman, Steven Shave, Kathleen Thompson and more.

The Indoor Market

Looking for a new toy, a comic for the collection or just having a general browse?

It was a much-loved stop on the pocket money spending spree for many readers.

The Other Record Shop

Hoping to bolster your record collection?

Plenty of you were taking a trip to The Other Record Shop, including; Gill Danby, Michael Ellish and Gary Powell.


Rogers' Confectioners & Tobacconist's was a popular stop for Hartlepool’s children at a certain time. The shop was at the corner of Oxford Street and Stockton Road.

Beverley Miller: “Rogers near to St Aiden’s Church, spent my pocket money and birthday money there, when I was a small girl, growing up in Bramley Street.”

Sue Setchell: “Rogers, loved the machine you put 2p in and got a coloured brick [to] see what you won.”

Stubbs Newsagents

Sharon Cooper: “Stubbsies on Murray Street, home-made ice lollies were to die for.”


Gem Fox: “Woolworths for Sylvanian Families, pick ‘n’ mix and top 10 singles on tape.”