A view of Hartlepool from an era gone by.
A view of Hartlepool from an era gone by.

Nine views of how Hartlepool's town centre streets looked in decades past

From Church Street to York Road and Whitby Street to Lynn Street - we have it all in a look back to Hartlepool town centre as it used to look.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 11:14 am

Shops and cars from a bygone area can all be found in this retro collection of photos which comes to us courtesy of the Hartlepool Museum Service and Hartlepool Library Service.

Take a look at Bianco’s in Whitby Street and the armoury which stood in Victoria Road.

A Hillman Imp and Ford Anglia in Church Street and the Northerns bingo club in York Road can also be seen.

Take a look and step back in time.

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