Celebrity gardening tips, a stylish Edwardian home and more in this weeks Property supplement

For all the latest tips on styling your home, aspirational properties in the Hartlepool area, and more – download our property supplement.

By Jatinder Dhillon
Thursday, 5th August 2021, 1:43 pm
Get the latest property news for Hartlepool.
Get the latest property news for Hartlepool.

This week’s supplement we take a look around a 1907 Edwardian home in Hartlepool with a unique chandelier and truly creative wallpaper designs to appeal to any maximalist. With bright colours, extravagent patterns merged with Edwardian fixtures – it really is a bold venture.

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You will also find tips from ex-Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins on how to maintain a community garden and all the positive experiences it brings. Chris and other feature celebs provide some great advice to make sure your allotment thrives.

Finally check out a truly magnificent aspirational property just off Wynyard Woods, featuring a gym, cinema room and an astounding five bedrooms. The super stylish bathroom with all it’s straight line edges seems like your own indoor boat!

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