A golden opportunity to sail in Tall Ships Race - and it's open to Hartlepool's 15-25 year olds

A one-in-a-lifetime chance to sail across Europe is being offered to people in Hartlepool this summer.

Friday, 22nd April 2022, 4:24 pm
Updated Monday, 25th April 2022, 12:07 pm

Five people aged 15-25 years old are needed to represent the town in this year’s Tall Ships Races.

The golden opportunity is being offered as part of Hartlepool hosting the Tall Ships in 2023.

No experience is needed and organisers have described the offer as a ‘life changing opportunity’.

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Hartlepool's 15-25-year-olds could enjoy a dream tall ship experience this summer, just like these people did in 2010.

All you have to do is document your story through video, photography and diary entries while you sail.

Catherine Honey, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Event Director Tall Ships 2023, said “We are looking for five participants – from any walk of life – who are willing to work with us by taking part in the race and allowing us to interview them about their experiences.

“We want to be able to tell their story and we will work with the Northern School of Art and media partners to do this in creating a documentary series.

“We would like these five sail trainees to become ambassadors for us and help us promote and recruit further sail trainees for The Tall Ships Races 2023 which is taking place in Hartlepool.”

One of the crews in the Hartlepool leg of the 2010 Tall Ships Races. Could you follow in their footsteps?

The Tall Ships Races are far more than a city festival with spectacular vessels, music and entertainment.

At the heart of the event is the life changing opportunity offered to young people, strengthening their skills and competencies through sail training.

Catherine added: “Every year thousands of young people from all over Europe board one of the beautiful tall ships and participle in the race.

“Hartlepool trainees will be part of the crew and get to experience life and all of the tasks onboard.

These crew members had a great time during the races in 2010. Could it be you next?

“We will allocate trainees to an English speaking ship taking part in the 2022 race from Antwerp, Belgium to Aalborg, Denmark.

“We will arrange their travel to and from the start and finish. We have also organised mentors to take part in the race alongside them.”

The opportunity will to travel will be between July 25 and August 7 and anyone who has a young person in mind should speak to them and see if they would like to be nominated.

Those interested should complete the nomination form at www.tallshipshartlepool2023.co.uk and email it to [email protected] by Sunday, May 8.

Coming in to Hartlepool for the races in 2010. There's still time to represent the town in this year's event.

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