The world's cheapest - and most expensive - pint - the price of beer in 50 countries

Where you can buy the cheapest pintWhere you can buy the cheapest pint
Where you can buy the cheapest pint
Brits seeking a cheap pint of beer abroad should head to East Asia rather than Scandinavia, according to the first World Beer Index.

Travel experts from have revealed the typical cost of a pint in 50 countries’ restaurants, so that British holidaymakers can decide which destinations are within their budget.

The cheapest beer on the new international chart can be found in Vietnam, with a typical pint costing the equivalent of just 74p in local currency.

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Famous for its beaches and bustling cities, the South East Asian country is likely to keep growing in popularity among British tourists while affordable alcohol is available.

A guide to the price of a pintA guide to the price of a pint
A guide to the price of a pint

Superpower China is next best priced on the world beer index, with a pint of beer usually only costing around 78p.

For those who fancy a city break a little closer to home, favourite Eastern European destinations Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania all come in at just over £1.20.

But the most expensive pints of beer across the world, priced at a whopping £9.47, can be found in the strictly Islamic nation set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar.

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Another Middle Eastern tourist hotspot favoured by UK travellers, the UAE – home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi – also typically charges around £8.22 for a pint of draught beer in a local restaurant, where permitted.

All Scandinavian nations are towards the pricier end of the scale too, whilst the USA and Canada are notably cheaper than Australia and New Zealand, for those seeking a few affordable drinks in an English-speaking country.

A spokesperson for said: “Whether seeking sun, sea, sand, snow, sights or cities, the price of booze is a good way to gauge how expensive a destination generally is.

“To help UK tourists plan their next getaway, our researchers have put together the world’s first Beer Index, which shows the typical cost of a pint of draught beer in a local restaurant, converted in to pounds sterling from local currency.

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“Travellers seeking a cheap pint should look towards the bottom of the list and consider heading to Eastern Asia or Europe, whilst those after a more luxury experience could consider the Middle East or Scandinavia.”

Here is the World Beer Index:

1. Qatar: £9.47

2. Norway: £8.60

3. UAE: £8.22

4. Iceland: £8.03

5. Israel: £6.65

6. Singapore: £6.39

7. Switzerland: £6.09

8. Sweden: £6.07

9. Finland: £5.86

10. Hong Kong: £5.49

11. France: £5.37

12. Denmark: £5.23

13. Australia: £4.91

14. New Zealand: £4.77

15. Italy: £4.39

16. Netherlands: £4.35

17. Canada: £3.87

18. Austria: £3.76

19. USA: £3.45

20. Greece: £3.41

21. Germany: £3.41

22. Estonia: £3.41

23. Japan: £3.14

24. South Korea: £2.66

25. Morocco: £2.64

26. Malta: £2.44

27. Spain: £2.35

28. Turkey: £2.32

29. Latvia: £2.10

30. Thailand: £1.98

31. Croatia: £1.97

32. Peru: £1.83

33. Dominican Republic: £1.71

34. Sri Lanka: £1.70

35. Argentina: £1.64

36. South Africa: £1.63

37. Poland: £1.60

38. Brazil: £1.57

39. India: £1.51

40. Egypt: £1.51

41. Portugal: £1.47

42. Mexico: £1.37

43. Russia: £1.36

44. Czech Republic: £1.26

45. Hungary: £1.24

46. Romania: £1.23

47. Bulgaria: £1.01

48. Tunisia: £1.01

49. China: £0.78

50. Vietnam: £0.74

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