11 things you're saying about an overtime ban at Sunderland's Unipres plant

The ban will begin in the early hours of tomorrow.The ban will begin in the early hours of tomorrow.
The ban will begin in the early hours of tomorrow.
The news that an overtime ban will begin tomorrow at a Sunderland car parts plant has prompted dozens of comments on social media.

We reported yesterday that union members at the city's Unipres plant, on Cherry Blossom Way, are due to begin industrial action at a minute past midnight on Friday.

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Staff to start overtime ban in pay row at Sunderland car parts supplier Unipres

Here is what some of you had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page.

John Armstrong: "Good on em. Unipres lads graft hard."

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Alison Robson: "Strike because they can't get their own way. Sack the lot of them. There's plenty of others willing and able to do the job. Bloody unions are the root of all evil."

Jonny Lee: "The pay deal's canny in the current climate but the forced OT is the worst thing about this place. Good luck to the lads in assembly!"

Caroline Pallister: "They should be grateful for any rise in this financial climate, In the past I've worked in smaller companies where I've not had a pay rise in six years but pleased to have a job with steady money coming in."

Paul Burnett: "Forced OT, can't be right. It's 2016 not the 1800s."

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David Scott: "Unless you've worked there and experienced the conditions then you wouldn't understand."

Phil Oakes: "Striking over this, in my opinion dangerous. You may think it's for a good cause but think about it in the long run. If Unipres think you are striking every time a pay deal is proposed then mark my words they'll move elsewhere."

Noel Little: "Some places don't get a pay rise. In current climate that is a cracking deal. Plenty people would be over the moon with that."

Stephen Miller: "Striking over the wrong thing, what about all the forced overtime?"

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Leigh Tough Toughie: "To all the people moaning and saying they shouldn't be doing it, and how you've not had a pay rise in however many years, can you not see the irony in that? This is why you haven't had a pay rise, you take the corporate shafting and say nothing! I hope they get everything they demand."

George Hopper: "May come to regret causing unrest in this current climate, many big manufacturers have moved abroad then where does that help the employees and the regional economy."