12 things you had to say about Hartlepool's housing demand

New houses being built on the Bishop Cuthbert Estate, HartlepoolNew houses being built on the Bishop Cuthbert Estate, Hartlepool
New houses being built on the Bishop Cuthbert Estate, Hartlepool
The future of Hartlepool's housing need has sparked debate with readers sharing mixed views on the subject.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s proposed new Local Plan received differing views on the issue of building new homes.

The council believes it needs to secure developments totalling 6,000 new homes during the course of the 15-year Local Plan, around 400 a year.

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It says it has only met the housing need in one or two years since 2006.

Some residents say there are plans for to many homes as it is.

But the House Builders Federation says the council should plan for a further 1,200.

The issue prompted a number of comments on both sides of the argument on the Mail’s Facebook page.

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David Frank commented: “A lot of run down houses need an upgrade and bringing back to life, should start with them first.”

Diane Orley said: “There is a lot but who can afford them??? Minimum wage can’t, my house is in need of upgrade, rent very expensive all my wages just keep going, everyone seems be the same now.”

David Wheelhouse said: “I would say far too many, but if they can sell them maybe not.

“The more you build further and further into the suburbs of the town this creates a town centre slum as people move out.”

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Andy Draper posted: “Too many developments without the correct road infrastructure. Cheaply built overpriced rabbit hutches!”

Jonathan Tones said: “A housing developer would not spend millions of pounds building houses that won’t sell so I’m pretty sure there’s a high demand for them.”

Tom Kelly said: “The council want council tax, every new property is a new tax payer? Now you can see why they wave everything through.”

Louise Parks: “Not enough affordable housing,” while Lindsey Ferguson said: “Far too many, stop taking our green fields.”

David Deer asked: “More houses than jobs?”

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Christopher Hall suggested: “Spruce up the old terrace houses left to rot and sell them cheap.”

Stephen Harmison said: “Get a grip the more houses go up more work for the area , more money getting spent in party pool.”

Graeme Scott said: “Scatter gun approach to building... there is no popualtion increase in the area ... what this means is that nice presitigious properties in areas such as park road etc will become vacant as people move away.”