Act now over obesity levels

Given the UK has one of the highest levels of obesity in Europe, the Government should be doing everything in its power to tackle the problem.

Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:19 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 9:19 am

Instead it has rowed back on its pledge to protect the next generation by announcing a weak and brief plan to address obesity, rather than the robust strategy it promised.

Poor diet has become a feature of our children’s lives.

Junk food is more readily available, and food manufacturers are constantly targeting children with their marketing for food and drinks that are extremely bad for their health.

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It is incredibly disappointing that the Government has ignored the calls of food campaigners and health organisations, including the British Medical Association and the Obesity Health Alliance, and failed to include any plans for tighter controls on marketing and promotion.

Although the Government has proposed targets for food companies to reduce the level of sugar in their products, the fact that these are voluntary and not backed up by regulation renders them pointless.

Poor diet is responsible for up to 70,000 deaths a year.

It has a greater impact on the NHS budget than alcohol consumption, smoking or physical inactivity.

The Government must act now and take urgent action to address the obesity epidemic that’s impacting on our children’s health, and placing a huge burden on our already over-stretched NHS.

Professor Parveen Kumar,

Board of Science chair,

British Medical Association,

Tavistock Square,