Album review: The Lovely Eggs - This Is Eggland

One of the UK's best-loved underground bands, The Lovely Eggs, are back with their fifth album, and I'm happy to say it's a cracker.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20 February, 2018, 12:57
This Loverl Eggs - This Is Eggland (Egg Records)

The lo-fi psychedelic punks have built up a cult following since they formed in Lancaster in 2006.

Consisting of married couple Holly Ross (guitar/vocals) and David Blackwell (drums), they have a fierce DIY ethos and a surreal sense of humour.

Married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell are The Lovely Eggs.

Their music is a hypnotic blend of motoric krautrock, '60s psychedelia and punk rock attitude, all flipped over and egged up.

The album title This is Eggland is a cheeky nod to the Shane Meadows TV series This Is England.

A comment on the current state of the country, it was self-recorded at Lancaster Musician's Co-op (a non-profit-making recording studio and rehearsal rooms, where the pair met and David works) and at home, while their three-year-old son was in bed.

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The result is a rich-sounding record, much heavier than anything they've done before, but retaining the raw energy of the band’s sound, with a real power and dynamism.

Married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell are The Lovely Eggs.

The splendidly nonsensical single Wiggy Giggy ("I feel like a man dressed in rags, sat on a lump of gold") is getting heavy airplay on the likes of 6 Music.

Elsewhere, they sing philosophical songs about the mysteries of the universe (Hello I Am Your Sun), being on the wrong side (I'm With You) and local witchcraft.

They're unashamed to be themselves and have fun while they're at it, and the album is a real earworm, working its way into your consciousness.

If you don't believe me, give The Lovely Eggs a try. I'm sure they'll be to your taste. 7/10.