Burns Night 2016: Delicious things to eat at a Burns Night supper

How will you celebrate Burns Night?How will you celebrate Burns Night?
How will you celebrate Burns Night?
Many will already have started preparing for their annual celebration of Scottish poet and treasure Robert Burns.

On or around January 25 each year, Burns Night is held in honour of The Bard's life and work, which left a legacy for many.

And while the night focuses on paying tribute to the man, the food is a huge part of any celebration - and rightly so.

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But as you prepare to have the family and friends round, what will you be serving up?

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Haggis, neeps and tatties: Need we say more? You couldn't get any more traditional, or delicious, with this dish.

Gamekeeper's pie: A warming alternative to a traditional haggis dinner, with all the trimmings.

Cock-a-leekie soup, cullen skink or Scotch broth: January is the perfect season for a rich soup, so why not pick one of these classics? Whether you like creamy, smoky or packed with flavour, one of these will suit you.

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Skirlie mash: A Scottish twist on a family favourite. Mix your mashed potatoes with a crispy, crunchy, oatmeal to bring a new texture to the table.

Neeps and tatties cake: Prefer a roast potato? Look no further than this Scot-inspired potato rosti.

Cranachan: Indulge your sweet tooth with this rich mixture of berries, cream, honey and whisky - topped off with crunchy oatmeal.

Clootie pudding or dumpling: Perfect for Christmas and Hogmanay as well as Burns Night, this tasty dessert is packed with fruit, and perfect with your dram of whisky.

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Oatcakes and cheese: What would a meal be without an after-dinner cheese course? Swap your usual cracker for a Scottish oatcake to really round off the meal

Home-made shortbread: If you're toasting the poet with a cup of tea instead of an alcoholic tipple, what better to go with it than shortbread. Chin chin!

Toast with whisky marmalade: If you're not one for a slap-up dinner, indulge with this delicious and comforting snack instead. Pop a couple of slices of your favourite loaf in the toaster, or under the grill, and liberally top it with a whisky-infused marmalade.

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