Campaigners step up their efforts to save Hartlepool church

Setting off for St Mary's Church on the Headland in a fundraising walk.Setting off for St Mary's Church on the Headland in a fundraising walk.
Setting off for St Mary's Church on the Headland in a fundraising walk.
Parishioners at a Hartlepool church who are campaigning to restore and save it from closure are taking 'great strides' towards doing just that.

Members of St Mary’s Church, on the Headland, are doing all they can to involve the community in the life of the church – including a recent money-spinning walk.

A spokesperson for the Church Restoration Committee said: “While many of you were watching the Royal Wedding, a group of parishioners were taking part in a fundraising walk.

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“We set off from St Mary’s Church at noon, making a stop at every church before arriving at St Patrick’s for our Pentecost celebration.

“Well done to all involved who were also walking to take action for CAFOD on the refugee crisis.”

Another event held recently also helped to cement the Middlegate church’s place within the community.

“Our Action Restoration Committee continue to meet once a month and are making good progress on many different fronts,” said the spokesperson.

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“We have got a very exciting vision ahead of us of how we can further build and develop our community over the months and years to come.

“The first opportunity to try something new took place last week after the Heugh Yarners invited new members to join them for the first of what we hope will become a regular session held in St Mary’s Presbytery, every Wednesday, between 6pm and 8pm.

“We are also absolutely delighted to be hosting two courses for the Workers’ Educational Association.

“First up is a five-week ‘introduction to sign language’ course, starting on Thursday, June 21, followed by a food hygiene course, which is being offered on Tuesday, July 3.

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“Please get in touch if you are interested in either of these courses.

“There’s also plenty of other things going on in and around St Mary’s over the coming weeks and months, so why not get involved?”