Angela Wrightson murder sentencing: What happens next?

Angela Wrightson was murdered in December 2014.
Angela Wrightson was murdered in December 2014.

Two teenage girls have been convicted of the brutal murder of a frail Hartlepool woman in 2014.

The teens, who are now aged 14 and 15, were found guilty by a jury after only three hours of deliberation - despite the trial running for around eight weeks.

It was confirmed in court today that the pair will be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Thursday.

Jurors hearing the trial have been told over the last few weeks that Ms Wrightson suffered more than 100 injuries at the hands of the girls, who were only 13 and 14 at the time.

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Weapons including a coffee table and computer printer were used to carry out the attack on the woman, shards of glass and small pieces of gravel or grit were strewn over and around her genitals and ash from burnt paper had been put into her ear.


On Thursday the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will be told by Judge Henry Globe, who presided over the trial, what sentence they will serve for their crimes.

At this hearing, at which the anonymity of the girls will also be discussed, the teens' barristers may make mitigating representations to the judge.

Currently, due to the their age, the girls cannot be identified. Judge Globe is due to make a decision on their anonymity at sentencing. It is not known whether their identities will be made public.

The prosecutor in the case will also make submissions to the judge regarding the crime and any aggravating features. Reference will also be made to sentencing guidelines.