Burglars banged up after victim chases them down Seaham street to recover bike

Two burglars who broke into a house in Seaham have been put behind bars after the victim chased them down the street to recover his belongings.

By Neil Fatkin
Monday, 6th June 2022, 4:39 pm
Updated Monday, 6th June 2022, 4:47 pm
Michael Claydon was sentenced to three years in prison.
Michael Claydon was sentenced to three years in prison.

After gaining entry to the property in Hawthorn Square in the early hours of Friday May 6, Andrew Bywater and Michael Claydon snatched a handbag, iPhone, cash, tobacco and a bike.

As they looked to flee the scene, they disturbed the victim – who then gave chase, pursuing them down the street before catching them to recover his bike.

In their attempt to escape, the thieves also threw other items they had stolen back at the victim.

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Andrew Bywater was sentenced to 27-months in jail.

Bywater and Claydon eventually made off on foot but within two hours they were arrested by police officers from Durham Consabulary and detained on suspicion of burglary.They both appeared at Durham Crown Court this morning (June 6) for sentencing. Bywater, 33, of Alwin, in Washington, was handed a 27-month prison sentence, while Claydon, 33, of Chelmsford Street, in Darlington, was given a three-year prison sentence.Detective Inspector Victoria Ford-Stubbs, from Seaham CID, issued a statement after the case had concluded warning criminals and reassuring victims that action would be taken against those who committed such upsetting crimes.

She said: “We fully understand the emotional impact burglaries can have on victims and the wider effect it can have on the nearby residents.“We will take quick and robust action to bring offenders like Bywater and Claydon to justice who think they can steal from hard working people.”