Call for vital Cleveland police and crime meetings to be streamed live

Cleveland’s new police and crime commissioner has called for key meetings to be broadcast live.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 12:46 pm

Steve Turner has written to members of Cleveland Police and Crime Panel ahead of its meeting next month to ask if future meetings can be live streamed.

He says this will allow more residents to see how the work of the PCC is scrutinised by councillors and lay members.

Mr Turner, who was elected last month after standing for the Conservatives, said: “People lead such busy lives now that it is no longer practical for many to stop what they are doing to attend a panel meeting in the early evening in person.

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Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner
Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner

“Streaming meetings live will allow more residents to feel as if they are involved in scrutinising and holding me to account for the work that I do.”

He added: “I was elected on a large mandate by the people of Cleveland and ultimately I am accountable to them for my actions.

“It is time that we allowed more of them to see what a PCC does and how they are held to account by panel members from across the force area.”

Mr Turner says live streaming fits in with the oath of office he took on accepting the role.

That includes giving a voice to the public, especially victims of crime, and being properly held to account by the public.

The next meeting of Cleveland Police and Crime Panel takes place at the Baptist Tabernacle, Stockton, on Tuesday, July 6, from 5pm and 7pm.