New clampdown motor menaces using communities as 'speedways' gets backing from Hartlepool residents

A Hartlepool residents’ group and councillor have welcomed a new crackdown on motorbike menaces they say are plaguing their estate.

Monday, 3rd February 2020, 4:45 pm

Warning signs are being put up giving police the power to immediately confiscate and dispose of any off-road bikes deemed to be causing a nuisance.

The Headland, West View, Manor House and Fens are said to be among the worst affected parts of the town.

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Officers from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit are patrolling known problem areas as part of Operation Endurance.

People are also being urged to help by providing information on vehicles being used to transport the off-road bikes, who is riding the bikes and where they are being stored.

The Fens Residents’ Association, which has recently called on Hartlepool Borough Council and Cleveland Police for support in tackling the issue, welcomed the action.

An association spokesman said: “Fens Residents’ Association has been urging both the police and the council to step up their efforts to combat this menace before a fatality occurs for a number of years now, so this announcement is welcome news.

“However, we hope that the increased counter measures will not be merely temporary and that they will be sustained. It is not just our green spaces across Hartlepool that are being abused and made unsafe, our roads both main and minor are now being used as speedways by the illegal reckless riders.

Damage on the Fens estate said to be caused by off road quads and motorcycles.

“This can be done with guaranteed complete anonymity by ringing Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 as well as the police on 101.”

Fens and Rossmere ward Councillor Jim Lindridge, who says he is regularly contacted by residents about the problem, added: “I welcome the introduction of Operation Endurance and I am pleased the Fens has been identified as an area that will receive additional attention.

“I’m regularly contacted by concerned residents about off-road bikes causing a nuisance in the area - and I am hopeful this initiative will help improve the situation.

“It is important Fens residents continue to report incidents and I would encourage people to keep reporting problems affecting our neighbourhood to Cleveland Police via 101.”