Criticism, reactions & keeping the balance right - Scott Loach on passing on his experience to a youthful Hartlepool United dressing room

Scott Loach has revealed he was scarred by criticism when he was a kid making his way in the game.

Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 7:00 am
Hartlepool United keeper Scott Loach.

And that’s why he’s determined to make sure he gets the balance right in a youthful Hartlepool United dressing room.

Loach has opened up about his experiences growing up between the sticks at Watford, where he was thrust into the limelight at 22 when handed an England call by then boss Fabio Capello.

The keeper has proven to be a positive influence at Pools on the park. But it is his work off it, which has also not gone unnoticed.

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Loach, along with Nicky Featherstone and Carl Magnay, has assumed a leadership role behind the scenes, using his experience as a Championship and England Under-21 goalie to pass on tips to some of the younger members of the Pools squad.

Not only that, he also works hard to keep the mood positive in the camp, having known just what it is like to be a kid on the end of some harsh words.

“I have been there as a kid when I have been given a hammering by other people in the dressing room - not for the wrong reasons, the right ones,” said the

“The criticism was probably put my way to bring out a bit of character in me but I haven’t always taken it the right way. It is not always personal in football.

“That’s why it is a balancing act and it is about getting it right.”

Loach, set to make his 13th appearance for Pools at the weekend at Woking continued: “I have seen it all in football.

“There have been ranters and ravers as well as those type of people who remain calm.

“We have got some people in there who speak and say their bit, me personally I just try to be myself. It is no good trying to be anyone else. I am just calm.

“Sometimes a calming influence is good, especially around young kids, because sometimes people take things differently.”