Diabetes help

There has been a lot of publicity in the newspapers and on TV about getting into shape '“ eating more healthily and taking more exercise.

Many readers will have diabetes so this is particularly important for them.

They have to manage their medications, diet and exercise all the time to stay well.

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We know that this can be difficult, especially in chilly winter weather when salads seem less appetising and we feel we need something more substantial.

Our booklet, Diabetes – Everyday Eating, will help people to get back on track with their meals and provides inexpensive menus for breakfast, lunch and evening meals, many with winter in mind.

There are 28 days of menus which help people to know what they can eat, rather than what they can’t!

We hope that this information will be useful to those with diabetes and will make living with diabetes a little easier for them.

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We are happy to send readers a copy of Diabetes – Everyday Eating, and other booklets about diabetes, free of charge.

They just need to contact us on 01604 622837, e-mail [email protected] or write to the address below.

Jenny Hirst,


InDependent Diabetes Trust [IDDT],

PO Box 294,

NN1 4XS.

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