This dog gave his owner a scare by climbing on to the porch roof of Hartlepool house

Hartlepool man Scott Gretton’s pet Gary is in the dog house after giving his owner an almighty fright.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 3:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 3:58 pm
Dog Gary on the roof of owner Scott Gretton's home in Seaton Carew.

Scott Gretton could not believe his ears when he got a phone call from a neighbour to tell him that his mischievous mutt was on the roof of his house.

While Scott, 31, was on his way to work on Monday morning, Gary, a 15-month-old Tamaskan, had nudged open a bedroom window and climbed onto the porch roof half way up his Seaton Carew home.

Scott Gretton with Gary.

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Scott, a managing director for GSC Construction, said: “I had slept with the window open a tiny bit and jumped up the next morning, got ready and went to work.

“I had not long left and was on the other side of town when my neighbour phoned me.

“She said ‘your dog’s on the roof’. I thought ‘what?’ She said ‘you dog’s just wandering around on the roof’.

“I said I would come back as quickly as I could.”

Gary a Tamaskan dog gave his owner a fright.

Scott asked his neighbour Beccy Hindle if her 15-year-old son Ben could go over to try to coax Gary back inside.

Scott said: “He climbed over the fence, went through the back door, upstairs and into the bedroom.

“In that time the dog had let himself back in and was sat on the bed with a ball as if it was nothing bearing in mind the panic he was causing.”

He added: “He often sits on the windowsill watching the world and local cats go by.

“If any of them had been around he probably would have jumped off out of curiosity so it was lucky.

“I reckon the roof is about three metres high – high enough to considerably panic me!”

Scott, who is also an MC for dance events company Clubland, has had Gary since he was a two-month-old pup.

He joked: “I wasn’t happy that he didn’t do the guttering while he was up there.

“He spends all day siting round, sleeping and eating and it would have only taken him five minutes.

“Still he’s a good boy.”

Since Monday’s incident Scott now makes doubly sure that all of his windows are tightly closed when he is not around.

“He’s on lock down now,” he said.