Hartlepool Mail readers' thumbs down to giving up their car to fight climate change

Would you give up your car to fight climate change?Would you give up your car to fight climate change?
Would you give up your car to fight climate change?
Hartlepool Mail readers say they would have to see big improvements to public transport before giving up their cars.

Our poll asked if you be would be willing to go without personal transport as part of the fight against climate change.

And a whopping 85 per cent said they were NOT ready to make the sacrifice.

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Just 15 per cent said they were prepared to give up their wheels.

Ronnie Bell said: "Get rid of the artics and amount of buses now on the road and problem solved.

"Go back to freight liner terminals with electric trains."

Debbie Simmons wrote: "I use mine for work and public transport can never be relied upon," while said "I think getting rid of all cars would be a great idea.

"However, public travel would need to be invested in heavily. It would need to account for night shift workers, people who work abroad. People with different lifestyles and so on."

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Paul Stephenson agreed: "There would have to be suitable alternatives in place. Good cycle routes and cheap reliable public transport

Lindsay Davies said: "Couldn’t give up my car as I work between three site. Would never be able to get to them all in the timescale I have if I had to use public transport/walk."

Ian Coverdale thought it was pointless the UK trying to cut emissions while others didn't: "I think we are flogging a dead horse when you look at the size of China to Great Britain," he said.

Richard Thomas agreed: "Why, when the sky is full of jets?" he wrote.

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"Same people every year, some more times than once. Politicians and like don't have a concern for it,


Darren Smith wrote: "Public transport in our area is terrible. Trains are old, knackered, and too few.

Buses not much better. Cycle lanes are few and far between. No chance of giving up the car.

Linda Wallis said: "Couldn't give up my car as couldn't get to work from Hartlepool to Teesside Industrial Estate!"