EU Referendum: the first hour after polling - Gibraltar beats Sunderland in race to declare

The UK has delivered its verdict - we just don't know what it is yet. Polling stations closed at 10pm tonight and counting officers across the country are tallying the votes as we speak.

Gibraltar, Sunderland, or North East neighbours Newcastle were expected to be the first places to declare. Gibraltar won the race, becoming first to declare just after 11.30 pm.

For those of you hoovering up all you can about the referendum, here is everything that’s happened since polls closed.

Gibraltar announced its turn out and result

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Turnout on the Island of Gibraltar was announced as 84 per cent, 20,000 voters having their say. Gibraltar voted remain by a massive 96 per cent

The pound hit its 2016 high

The pound has reportedly hit its highest value in 2016 reaching $1.50. Reuters reported the busiest 30 minutes of trading in terms of volume this year was between and 9.30pm. The $1.50 value is the highest figure since December 2015.

Nigel Farage appeared to concede defeat

Nigel Farage told Sky News he though it ‘looks like remain will edge it’. But remember, he also resigned and then later un-resigned after the last election.

Vote Leave Tories urge David Cameron to stay

A group of pro-Brexit tory MPs revealed they wrote to David Cameron urging him he has a ‘duty to stay on’ as Prime Minister - whatever the result. The group includes Robert Syms and reportedly Michael Gove.

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Newcastle and Sunderland get involved in what could be their only Derby this year

Counting Officers in Sunderland and Newcastle have begun a race to be the earliest to declare.

Fife Leave campaigners went AWOL

Journalist Alan Crow tweeted this pic of a deserted VoteLeave bench at the Fife counts.

David Cameron thanked voters

Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted a message thanking everyone who voted stay.

...and so did Boris Johnston

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Johnson tweeted his thanks to supporters and claimed ‘democracy has been served’.

Turn out figures start to roll in

Kettering 76 per cent, 68 per cent in Orkney adding to the Gibraltar figures. Many predicting a nationwide figure of 70 per cent.