Galley's Field School remembered - in poetry

A former pupil of a Hartlepool school has turned to poetry to share his memories.

Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 10:13 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 10:15 am
Galley's Field School in Hartlepool.
Galley's Field School in Hartlepool.

Steve Nicholson responded when we recently ran an article on Galley’s Field School in town.

He told us how he was a former pupil himself and added: “I attended this great school and received a great in-depth education from some dedicated teachers - fantastic memories.”

Another view of the school.

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But he was no oridnary pupil as Steve added: “I was Head Boy in my final year.”

Not only that, Steve is also something of a poet and shared his lyrical memories of Galley’s Field.

He said: “The teachers I name in the poem along with Lol Judge and Fred Peverley motivated me to become a teacher.”

And here is his tribute to the school he loved,

Another view of the school.

It is titled Sportsday At Galley’s Field.

“It was held on an area where the bandstand once stood,

While the whole of the boys school looked on,

At the promising young athletes who ran, jumped and threw,

To gain an old shield when they had won,

“Four houses did battle - Francis, Sharp, Shields and Romain,

Made up of boys from 11 to 15,

Who throughout all the events they had been entered for,

Gave their absolute best - they were keen,

“In my day - 1958 to 1962,

The competition was there at its best,

Selly Parker, Ivan Craggs, Stevie Nic, Sucker Thane,

Competed and stood up to the test,

“As I remember, the competition was a closely fought thing,

With all houses reached the highs,

But at the end of the day when they’d counted the points,

Only one house emerged with the prize,

“Ted Leadbitter, Agie Dormand, Herbert Dawson looked on,

Taking pride in the achievements of all,

With Peter Kay, the headteacher, who was always on song,

Galley’s Field was a pride to us all,

“Those were the days, no running track for us,

No sand or thick pads on which to land,

Only tarmac and concrete that blistered our feet,

But the feeling we got, it was grand,

“The school building, sadly no longer stands,

And the name Galley’s Field has gone too,

But the memory of those great halcyon days,

Will forever be there in mind’s view.”

Our thanks go to Steve for a wonderful memory of a much-loved school which is no more.

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