GP surgeries: What you had to say about services in Hartlepool

What is your view on your GP surgery?What is your view on your GP surgery?
What is your view on your GP surgery?
It seems Mail readers are pretty happy with the service from their local GP's surgery '“ provided they can get through the door.

We asked people to vote on line through after we published the latest findings from the national GP Patient Survey, which rates surgeries according to responses from patients.

We asked readers to vote for what they find most annoying about their surgery – getting an appointment, feeling like you’re not being listened to, issues with the reception staff or long waiting times on arrival.

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And there was no doubt about which is the major bugbear when it comes to local medical services.

“Getting an appointment” attracted a whopping 62% share of the vote.

Other than that, “feeling you’re not being listened to” is the major concern for patients, with 16% listing that as their main gripe.

“Issues with the reception staff” was almost as big a concern, with 15% of voters highlighting that, while just 7% of voters said long waiting times were the problem.

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VOTE: What’s your biggest grumble with your GP practice?A spokesman for South Tees CCG said: “South Tees CCG is currently reviewing urgent care services in a public consultation, called Making Health Simple. Our consultation aims to improve accessibility to GP appointments for patients, with extended hours GP centres.

“We encourage the public to give us their views, to get involved or for more information, please visit”

A spokeswoman for NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group said: “In the NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG area and the NHS North Durham CCG area we regularly review patient satisfaction with regard to access to our GP services.

“A recent survey in the DDES area shows that 86% of patients were able to access GP appointments when they wanted to (which is above

the national average) and 80% of people were satisfied

with their practice opening hours.

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“However, both CCGs are constantly trying to make services more flexible by increasing access at weekends and evenings.”

The GP Patient Survey is based on a number of factors, including the percentage of people who would recommend their GP to others.

The best performing surgeries, which were awarded five stars were: Dr Koh & Partner, Victoria Road; Journee Medical Practice, Victoria Road; Drs Patel, Uehlein & Rushi, Peterlee Health Centre; and Blackhall & Peterlee Practice, O’Neil Drive, Peterlee.