Hartlepool boss identifies January transfer targets

Craig Hignett has already drawn up his hitlist for the January transfer window.

Monday, 19th December 2016, 1:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:02 pm
Craig Hignett

But that’s the easy bit, according to the Hartlepool United boss.

Getting deals done, in a difficult financial climate, and traditionally hard window to add, could prove the stumbling block for the gaffer.

Despite seeing the purse strings severely tightened at the Northern Gas & Power Stadium, Hignett, along with chairman Gary Coxall, have drawn up a transfer wish list for next month.

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But getting transfers over the line could prove to be the difficult bit, says Hignett.

“The easy bit is spotting targets,” he said.

“The hard bit is getting them because everyone wants the same players.

“We will see what happens in January but we will definitely be trying our best to get deals done.”

He added: “We have to sell the club to players - it is a lot harder to do that where we are, compared to being at the top end of the table. But, as I say, we will do our best.

“A lot is seeing what happens next month. We have plans in place for all eventualities.”

There have been mixed messages about the financial situation coming out of the Vic in recent weeks.

On one hand we have seen the manager say that it will be difficult to add. Then we have seen, sometimes on the same day, Coxall state the exact opposite to fans on social media via his Twitter account.

Hignett is sticking to his own personal stance, that players will have to leave before loans or buys are even considered.

The former Middlesbrough assistant said: “It is a difficult one.

It all depends on who goes out.

“For the January window we are obviously looking. We have targets.

“Players here are playing for their futures, but they have been since August.

“Players might leave.

“There are not many clubs who are awash with money - there are a few in our league, but very few like that.”