Hartlepool charity Kyle's Dream set to feature in Channel 4 documentary tonight

Performing arts charity set to appear in Channel 4’s documentary Skint Britain: Friends without Benefits tonight.

By Peter Tennick
Tuesday, 12 February, 2019, 13:09
Trevor and Tracy with daughter Tamsyn (centre) who are set to appear in Channel 4's Skint Britain: Friends without Benefits at 9pm on Wednesday, February 13.

Hartlepool charity Kyle’s Dream have been involved in the documentary about how people coped in the town with the roll out of Universal Credit.

One person followed in the series is 16-year-old Tamsyn, a drummer with a dream who has struggled in the world of everyday education.

Charity bosses say Tamsyn came to Kyle’s Dream to be part of a talent competition, then to rehearse by herself.

Tamsyn's dad Trevor Pickard said that she has been teaching drumming lessons to kids at Kyle's Dream for three months.

He said she has been playing drums since she was three years old and has been on the club circuit since she was seven.

Tamsyn performed in a talent show organised by Kyle's Dream on the show and went on to perform with Hartlepool duo LIV'n'G at last summer as a one-off performance.

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A spokesman for Kyle's Dream said: "One key result of Tamsyn’s mentoring, coaching, playing in other bands and rehearsing with other musicians is she felt confident enough to put herself forward as a mentor, and work with young people and beginners who want to learn the drums.

"It’s not just Tamsyn that Kyle’s Dream had an effect on, her dad Trevor also became a volunteer at the unit."

Kyle’s Dream is a not for profit creative organisation that offers rehearsal rooms, recording, photoshoots, advice, instrument and vocal coaching; just as important they let each and every participant feel comfortable whilst still challenging them, thus building their confidence.

Bosses say Kyle’s Dream is more than a building, than a service offered, it’s a support network, it’s a family.

Former students include Michael Rice, winner of BBC’s All Together Now and the UK entry for Eurovision 2019, and Courtney Hadwin, ITV’s The Voice Kids, America’s Got Talent, AGT The Champions and now signed to Simon Cowell's Syco.

Skint Britain: Friends without Benefits airs today at 9pm on Channel 4; with two more episodes on February 20 and February 27.